Work with us directly or through your insurance agent…

The Bond Exchange was formed in 1990 as the surety department for a multi-line independent insurance agency. A team of experienced surety professionals use excellent customer service and our custom-built technology platform to underwrite, quote, and service our customers’ bond needs quickly and efficiently. We work regularly with insurance agencies with bonding needs that don’t fit within their underwriting guidelines, wholesale insurance agencies, and direct retail customers in various business segments across the country so they benefit from The Bond Exchange’s low-margin philosophy of charging the lowest price we can find instead of the highest price we can get away with.

The Bond Exchange offers lower prices, an easier process, and extensive knowledge of various types of surety bonds nationwide by operating within two distinct distribution channels. Apply today to make sure you're not paying more than you need to for your bonds.


We work directly with customers by advertising online, through the mail, at conventions, and in national or local publications.  New customers are also referred to us by other customers who have either saved money or found better service by working directly with The Bond Exchange.


We actively write bonds through traditional insurance agents.  In other words, insurance agents submit their customer's information to us for underwriting.  Rather than working directly with that customer, The Bond Exchange recognizes the insurance agent as the intermediary in the relationship and communicates with the agent on behalf of the customer.

More information about our insurance agent relationships can be found on our Agents page. Our low prices are the same regardless as to whether the relationship is retail or wholesale. 

surety simplified…

The Bond Exchange continuously improves our products, pricing, and process with one simple goal in mind: providing SAME DAY SURETY at absolutely fantastic prices with unbelievable service. We are proud to bring you the best combination of what you get, what you pay, and what you go through to get it.

an independent insurance agency focused on surety bonds…

Since 1990, The Bond Exchange has provided thousands of bonds throughout the country.  Our surety focus allows us to offer unique bond programs with specialized underwriting and pricing structures.

That expertise has provided us in-house authority, which enables The Bond Exchange to function as the decision-maker on most bonds rather than having to submit information to a surety company and then wait for an approval.

one of the first and still one of the few…

In addition to providing innovative surety programs, The Bond Exchange is a pioneer in implementing an on-demand surety solution.  We always have been (and always will be) an outside-of-the-box early adopter of technological advances that our competitors in the surety industry have been otherwise resistant to provide to their customers.

Internet-based applications
Online credit card payments
Real-time credit underwriting
Same-day bond issuance
Self-service bond changes

Our attention to the smooth and efficient transacting of business has allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of time between applying for a bond and receiving that bond - all while passing the cost savings on to our customers.